eNewsletter Winter 2019

Peterborough Environment Capital

Free solar for your home

Empower Peterborough is a new scheme offering home owners in Peterborough the chance to have solar panels installed on their properties for free.

Residents won’t have to pay a penny towards the cost of installing and maintaining a rooftop PV array and will benefit from an expected energy saving of roughly £200 every year and receive £100 every five years for 20 years for having the panels on their roof.

The wider Peterborough community will also benefit as a percentage of the money generated will be shared equally between a Local Community Fund and Peterborough City Council.

The following video explains the scheme, its ethos and how the process works for anybody interested in applying:

The solar systems are installed by Empower Peterborough CIC, a partnership between the council and Empower Community, a social enterprise.

It is starting with a pilot in Gladstone, Millfield and New England, with an evaluation of the electricity network, both Peterborough-wide and in the pilot area currently being conducted. Once this stage of the process is complete, Empower Peterborough will contact the owners of potentially suitable properties to arrange for a physical survey, paperwork and installation.

For more information and to register an interest, please visit https://www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/campaigns/free-solar-for-your-home/

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