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Council drainage team wins prestigious recognition

Peterborough City Council’s drainage team has been recognised for effective surface water management after designing and installing an innovate permeable paving system, which is helping to prevent flooding at a new housing development.


The team was commended in the new build large scale category at the recent Susdrain SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) awards for the paving scheme in Fleetwood Crescent, in the city's Eastfield area. Andrew Leadbetter, Sustainable Drainage Manager at Peterborough City Council, and Joely Norris, Drainage Engineer, traveled down to London's City Hall recently for the awards ceremony and collected certificates.


Drainage team win prestigious recognition

Fleetwood Crescent is located on the site of a former secondary school, with the ground made up of underlying clay soils of low permeability, meaning that any surface water will not easily seep into the soil. When the road was constructed, the permeable paving was installed on private driveways and the street to collect, clean, store and move surface water from the site.


Rainfall from the roofs of properties drains into the permeable sub-base of the private driveways where it is filtered and cleaned. The water is then moved through a short connecting pipe into the sub-base of the highway where further treatment can take place. A perforated pipe then collects and moves the water to an adjacent surface water sewer in nearby Park Lane. The road is a trial site for the adoption of permeable paving and the design is helping the authority to better understand and develop the use of permeable paving.


Andrew Leadbetter, Sustainable Drainage Manager at Peterborough City Council, said: “We're delighted to receive such prestigious recognition, it is testament to the team's hard work through effective engagement with the designers and then the installation of such an effective system. So far the system has been extremely effective and we will continue to monitor it with a view to it being used in future developments."


A spokesperson for Susdrain said: "Fleetwood Crescent was commended for good collaborative work with Highways Authorities, the use of roof runoff and permeable paving and its good approach to adoption."


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