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Try Peterborough's new sustainable travel app!

Hyperlocal Rainfall is a brand new phone app that was launched at the PECT Green Festival, in Peterborough City Centre, on Saturday 13th August.

The aim of the app is to enable the residents of Peterborough to obtain incredibly accurate short-term rainfall predictions specific to an individual’s journey or location, which can be planned, viewed, and saved within the app. This allows people to be more confident walking and cycling by taking the weather into account, hence improving their health and wellbeing.

This new app has been funded by Innovate UK and is being delivered by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, Loughborough University and Meniscus.

The feedback from testers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many reporting that the app has been incredibly accurate in its predictions, making it very useful for planning journeys. One tester said: “I am bowled over by it, it is so much better than anything else out there for telling what is going on.”

“By delivering very accurate rainfall forecasts specific to a location or planned journey, this project looks to help the residents of Peterborough when they are walking and cycling around the city,” explains Project Officer Freya Herman. “We also intend for there to be incentives for app-users, such as vouchers for local shops.”

The app is available to download for free at Hyperlocal Rainfall on Google Play or simply search for 'Hyperlocal Rainfall' on Google Play. The app is only available on Android phones at the moment, so unfortunately it won't work on iPhones or Windows phones.

More information on the app can be found at www.pect.org.uk/HyperlocalRainfall and the Hyperlocal Rainfall August Blog.


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