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Roar of approval for circular Peterborough

Old fire hoses from Peterborough Power Station have been given a new lease of life - helping lions, giraffes and primates.

Centrica’s power stations and gas processing facilities have found a novel way of helping to keep wild animals at some of the country’s wildlife parks and zoos entertained, with the donation of 100 old fire hoses.

The energy company is working with ‘The Shape of Enrichment’, an international NGO, which aims to improve the environmental welfare for animals living in captivity. The company uses donations of fire hoses to make feeders and more stimulating environments for animals in captivity, in particular big cats, monkeys and giraffes.

Dave Theakstone from Centrica’s Peterborough Power Station, said: “It’s not every day we get asked to help make a hammock for a lion, but it is a brilliant idea which we were keen to help with. A quick look in the stores at Peterborough and we realised we had a handful old hoses we were happy to donate.

“It’s great to know that our old fire hoses, which would usually go to landfill, can be recycled and have a second life improving the welfare of animals in zoos and wildlife parks across the country.”

Mark Kingston Jones from The Shape of Enrichment, said: “When we got in touch with Centrica we hoped we’d get a handful of hoses to keep our stock up over the summer. We’re over the moon with what they’ve been able to donate which will help enhance the environments of the animals we work with for a long time.

“Fire hoses are particularly useful for making feeder-cubes and hammocks which the animals really enjoy; particularly the primates and big cats, as they last so much longer than many other materials which they find easier to destroy.”

The Shape of Enrichment runs workshops and courses for students, zookeepers and companies to get involved and help make enrichment tools for wild animals at zoos and wildlife centres which they partner with.

Do you have any other stories of reuse and the circular economy in Peterborough? If so, we would love to hear them. Please send any examples to environmentcapital@peterborough.gov.uk 

As part of the Peterborough DNA programme, Peterborough is initiating an ambitious line of work seeking to create a pioneering Circular City; embedding an innovative citywide circular economy approach. This will help Peterborough to efficiently manage the numerous flows of resources coming in and out of its geographical boundaries. 

Peterborough DNA is the smart city programme delivered by Opportunity Peterborough, the city’s economic development company, in partnership with Peterborough City Council. The circular economy initiative asks businesses and communities to embrace the well-known concept of repair, remanufacture, reuse, recycle and recover at a city level.



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