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Sustainable Water

Why we need to use less water:
Water is a commodity that we all take for granted in our day to day life. Whilst we think of England as a wet country our dense population and resultant high water demand means that the East of England is classed as a water scarce area. Variation in annual weather can lead to Peterborough appearing to fluctuate between experiencing flooding and drought. It is crucial that the true value of water is understood and appreciated so that we can adequately protect against flooding and protect water resources for future generations.

What we need to do:
We all need to use less water on a day to day basis whilst ensuring The that we are resilient to water scarcity and no properties in Peterborough should have an annual risk of flooding from any source which is greater than 1% (1 in 100).

Peterborough is already working towards reducing water usage:

  • 75% of Peterborough residents have water meters.

  • The councils Flood and Water planning guidance is promoted by the Environment Agency as best practice.


  • Anglia is one of the UK’s driest regions with the same average rainfall yearly as Jerusalem.

  • Only 1% of the water on Earth is usable fresh water.

  • ¾’s of Brits overfill their kettles, wasting a total of £68m each year.

Targets to 2016: 

  • Baseline the council’s water consumption and set a target for reduction.
  • Promote the ‘drop 20’ litres of water campaign across the city.
  • Produce integrated environmental and recreational improvement plans for Peterborough's principal rivers.
  • Anglian Water have decreased pipe blockages across Peterborough by 70% since 2010. This significant reduction will be maintained.

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